Adrenaline and Repair Klagenfurt 2023


Dear colleagues,

it is my distinct pleasure to announce that „Adrenaline & Repair 2023“– complication management in neurosurgery with performance psychology, hands on and outdoor activities will be continued.
We had outstanding feedback for every part in 2022, and the overall format of this very unconventional course and conference.
In 2023 we will start on Wednesday afternoon 7th of June with a hands-on microsurgical dry lab plus spine.
Followed by a day of Performance Psychology covering flow, clutch, stress, and states of concentration as well as strategic planning to avoid failure Thursday 8th of June.
From Thursday to Saturday 10th of June Key notes on avoidance of complications, case-based discussions through the neurosurgical field, and free papers during the day will be followed by adrenaline related activities in the afternoon and remarkable networking evening events.

As before we will have a superb and dedicated international faculty: besides renowned neurosurgeons including world class athletes, coaches, and a 12-time world record holder in apnoe diving.

Expect to experience your peers and yourself in different circumstances, learn and exchange much more than mere technical traits.

Klagenfurt/Carinthia is a top Austrian vacation spot situated at beautiful crystal-clear lake Wörth („Wörthersee “) in a pan between the Alps and the Karawanks. The region invites to extend your stay for further traveling within Austria, Slovenia, and Italy.

We are very much looking forward to the sequel of „A&R “and are ambitious to thrill you again.

For the hosting neurosurgical team of Klagenfurt

Univ. Prof. Dr. Thomas Kretschmer, MD, PhD, IFAANS, FEBNS
Director Department of Neurosurgery and Neurorestoration Klinikum Klagenfurt Austria